The act of compassion by the seeker in the state before Self-realization must be deeply understood…..!!!

God is the mine of compassion
the sage attains to the same state after fulfillment.
But during the period up to accomplishment,
so long as the worshiper is removed from God
God is removed from him,
when the uncongenial impulses are still alive and strong,
he is besieged by delusion-if the seeker feels compassion
at this stage,
he is destroyed.
For acting with pity,
Sita had to undergo penance in Lanka for years.

Sage Vishwamitr fell from grace because he felt tenderness
at such a stage.
Maharshi Patanjali, the preceptor of yog-aphorism,
has expressed a similar view.

“Attainments made,
through perfect meditation are indeed attainments,
but they are also as formidable obstacles in the way
the endeavour of the individual Soul for identification
with the Supreme Spirit as sensual desire, anger, greed,

Goswami Tulsidas has said,

“O Garud, manifold are obstacles built up by maya
when we strive to unravel the knots
properties of nature-mere distortions of truth.
Attainment of sanctity elevates,
but the mind conjures up one temptation after another.” 

The illusory maya obstructs in many ways.
It brings men accomplishments and untold wealth,
and even turns them into holy beings.
If a being of such accomplishment just passes by,
even a dying man is revived.

Notwithstanding the recovery of the patient,
however, the seeker shall be destroyed if he regards the cure
as his own achievement.
Instead of one sickness
a thousand maladies will swarm upon his mind,
the process of reverent contemplation of the divine
will be interrupted,
he will so stray from the right path
that the world of matter overwhelms him.

If the goal is distant and the seeker feels compassion,
this one act alone is sufficient to result
in the debacle of his whole army.

So he has to be on his guard against the feeling of compassion
until the moment of final attainment,
although at the same time it is also true that
compassion is the hallmark of a saint.

But before ultimate fulfillment,
the mightiest warrior among the evil,
demoniacal impulses.

Om 100~Revered Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes!!!

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