What is the true concept of “Karm”(pronounced as “KARMA” as well) or Action is as per teachings of Yogeshwar Krishn in Bhagavad Gita?

Let us continue this great spiritual journey further more dear blessed souls and try to explore what really this “Karm” or Action is as per the teachings of Yogeshwar Krishn in Bhagavad Gita. Is this some sort of simple worldly affair of our day-to-day physical life with certain social/moral bindings and obligations/duties along with its consequences named as “Karm” or something else extraordinary?

Let us initiate with Verse Forty Seven, Chapter Two of Bhagavad Gita which is among one of the most popular and very well globally known wherein HE sings:

karmaṇy evā’hikāras te
mā phaleṣu kadācana,
mā karmaphalahetur bhūr
māte sango’stv akarmaṇi (2.47)

“Since you are entitled only to the performance of action but never to the fruits thereof, you should neither desire rewards of action nor be drawn to inaction.”

Arjun, Sri Krishn says, has the right to action/ “Karm” but not to its results. So Arjun should persuade himself that fruits of action simply do not exist. He should not covet these fruits and neither should he grow disillusioned with “Karm”/action.

So far Sri Krishn has first used the term “action” (Karm: meaning both action and its consequence) in the thirty-ninth verse of chapter two discussed already, but he has not indicated what this Karm is and how to perform it. He has, however, described its characteristic traits.

(a) HE has told Arjun that by the performance of the action, he will be freed from the bonds of action.

(b) HE has then said that the seed or initial impulse of action is indestructible. Once it is initiated, nature has no means to destroy it.

(c) There is, Arjun has been told, not even the slightest flaw in this action, for it never abandons us while we are stranded amidst the temptations of celestial pleasures and worldly affluence.

(d) Performance of this action, even in small proportions, can emancipate us from the great fear of birth and death. But, as it is evident from the summary above, Sri Krishn has not so far defined action. As for the way of doing it, he has said in the forty-one verse discussed already.

(e) The mind which is resolved to do this action is only one and the way of doing it is also only one. Does it mean, then, that people engaged in other multifarious activities are not really engaged in the worship of God? According to Sri Krishn, the activities of such people are not action or Karm.

Explaining why it is so, he adds that the minds of men without discernment are riven by endless divisions, because of which they tend to invent and elaborate an unlimited number of rites and ceremonies. So they are not true worshippers. They use pretentious and ornate language to describe these rites and ceremonies. So that man’s mind is poisoned and is lured by the charm of their words. The ordained action is, therefore, only one, although we have not yet been told what precisely it is.

In the forty-seventh verse, Sri Krishn has told Arjun that he has a right to action, but not to its fruits. So Arjun should not desire these fruits. At the same time, he ought not to lose faith in the performance of action. In other words, he should be constantly and devotedly engaged in its performance. But Sri Krishn has not yet said what this action is. The verse is usually interpreted as meaning: Do whatever you wish, only do not desire its fruits. That is, say those who interpret the verse thus, what selfless action is all about. In fact, however, Sri Krishn has not so far told us what this action is that men are required to do. He has so far elaborated only on its characteristics, what the gains from it are, and the precautions that have to be observed in the course of its performance. Yet the question of what exactly selfless action is has so far remained unanswered.

Bow down in lotus feet of Revered Gurudev for such teaching to me.

It, in fact, will get answered after explaining a few more verses of this SEED SCRIPTURE so that a solid spiritual foundation must get ready first for more transparent conceptions/visions.

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