What is the form of that ultimate state which is achieved by renunciation through metaphysical vision of Bhagavad Gita?

Illuminated by neither the sun nor the moon,
nor by fire,
the God who is the ultimate state is self-radiant.

Lord Krishn sings:

“That after reaching which there is no return,
which is illumined by neither the sun nor the moon,

by fire, is my supreme abode.”

After this ultimate home has once been reached, there is no rebirth.
And everyone has an equal right to it.

“The immortal Soul in the body is a part of mine
it is he who attracts the five senses

the sixth-the mind-that dwell in nature.”

Lord Krishn now explains how it is so:

“Like the wind carrying a scent from its source,
the Soul that is lord of the body
also bears along with him

the senses and the mind
from its previous body
assumes a new one.”

The Soul carries with him the propensities
mode of action of the mind and five senses of the body
from which
he departs and takes them into his new body.

The next body is immediately assured
that is why Lord Krishn asked Arjun earlier
how he had happened to be a victim of the misconception
that the departed Souls of ancestors would fall from heaven
in the absence of obsequial rice-cakes
water-libation offerings.

However, the immediate question is what the Soul does
after going into a new body
what truly are the five senses along with the mind?

“Governing the senses of hearing, sight, touch,
smell and also the mind,
he (the Soul) experiences objects through them.”

But it is not seen to be so and everyone is not able to see it.

“The ignorant are unaware of the Soul,
endowed with the three properties
departing from the body

dwelling in it and enjoying objects;

only they who have eyes of wisdom discern him.”

So naturally the next verse is on how to secure this vision.

“Yogi know the essence of the Soul
dwelling in their heart,

but the unknowing who have not purified themselves of evils
fail to see him
even after much endeavour.”

By restraining their minds from all directions
through earnest endeavour yogi perceive their Soul.

But men with an unaccomplished Soul,
that is,
with unclean mind and heart,
fail to see him even though they strive for it.

This is because their mind and sense organs are impure.
Only by making a strenuous effort to subdue their mind are sages
enabled to apprehend their Self.
So contemplation is a necessity.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans.

Humble Wishes.

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