I myself protect the yog of men who abide in me with steady, undeviating faith and who worship me selflessly, remembering me as God…..!!!

The lot of those who are liberated from all desire, Lord Krishn himself bears the burden of the ardent worshiper’s progress along the path of yog. He takes upon himself the responsibility for the protection of his yog.

Lord Krishn sings in Chapter Nine, Verse Twenty Two of Bhagavad Gita:

“I myself protect the yog of men
who abide in me with steady and undeviating faith
and who worship me selflessly, constantly remembering me as God.”

In Chapter Ten of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishn sings:

“Aware of the reality that I am the source of all creation
as also the motive that stirs it to effort,
and possessed of faith and devotion,
wise men remember and worship only me.”

It is at Lord Krishn’s behest that the entire world is spurred to action. This implies that he is also the doer of whatever yogi do in keeping with his nature. All the yogi’s endeavours are thus only blessings from him.

And now Lord Krishn dwells upon how yogi constantly adore him?

“They who anchor their minds on me,
sacrifice their breath to me,
and are contented with speaking only of my greatness among themselves, always dwell in me.”

Men who devote their minds to Lord Krishn alone without thinking of anything other than him and who dedicate themselves to him, heart and soul, are always conscious of his ways. They are happy singing hymns of praise of his glories and always abide in him.

HE adds further:

“I bestow upon the devotees,
who always remember me and adore me with love,
that discipline of yog by learning which they attain to none but me.’’

So the awakening of yog in worshipers is also a gift from God; it depends upon his assuming the role of a charioteer. The next verse points to the way by which a sage and noble teacher like Sri Krishn blesses his devotee with the knowledge that initiates him into yog.

“To extend my grace to them,
I dwell in their innermost being
and dispel the gloom of ignorance

by the radiance of knowledge.”

Lord Krishn stands inseparably by the worshiper’s Self as a charioteer to destroy spiritual ignorance. Worship does not really commence until, through a sage who has known God, the Supreme Spirit himself has not come awake in the worshiper’s Soul and taken upon himself the task of guidance from one instant to another as also of restraining and disciplining him, and escorting him safely across the incongruities of nature. At this stage God begins to command from all sides. But at the beginning, it is through an accomplished sage that he speaks. If a seeker is not fortunate enough to have such a sage as a teacher, God’s voice is only faintly audible to him.

Lord Krishn sings in Chapter Eleven of Bhagavad Gita:

“So you should get up and earn renown and enjoy
a thriving and affluent kingdom by vanquishing your enemies,
because these warriors have already been killed by me and you,
O Savyasachin (Arjun), have to be just
the nominal agent of their destruction.”

Lord Krishn has said repeatedly that God neither acts himself nor causes others to act, and does not even devise coincidences. It is only because of their deluded minds that people believe that every action is effected by God. But here we have Lord Krishn himself getting up and saying that he has already annihilated his foes. Arjun has to do nothing more save merely taking the credit for this by making just a gesture of killing them. This again takes us back to his essential nature. He is the image of affectionate devotion, and God is ever inclined to help and support such loving worshipers. He is a doer for them-their charioteer.

Lord Krishn has already taught Arjun In Chapter Nine, Verse Sixteen of Bhagavad Gita:

“I am the action that is undertaken, the yagya,
the fulfillment of earlier resolutions, the healer,
the sacred prayer, the oblation as well as the sacred fire,
and I am also the sacrificial act of oblation.”

Lord Krishn is the doer-the agent. In truth, the power behind the worshiper who always urges him on is that of the adored God. So the worshiper’s accomplishment is only a gift from him. He is also the yagya which is the appointed mode of worship. The man who tastes the nectar that is generated at the successful completion of yagya is united with the eternal God.

Lord Krishn is also the oblation, for it is in him that the endless sanskar of the past is dissolved; their ultimate resolution is provided by him. He is also the remedy that cures the malady of worldly misery. Men are rid of this ailment by attaining to him. He is also the sacred incantation that is offered to the deity, for it is he who provides the strength by which the mind is concentrated on breath. Being the one who adds to the ardour of this deed, he is also the matter which is offered as oblation. He is also the sacred fire, because all desires of the mind are burnt out in his radiant flame. And he is also the sacrificial act of yagya.

Here Sri Krishn repeatedly speaks in the first person: “Iam…I am”. The implication of this is only that it is he who stands inseparably with the individual Self as an inspiration and leads the observance of yagya to successful completion by constant appraisal. This is named vigyan.

The most revered Gurudev would repeatedly tell us that the act of devotional adoration does not begin until the revered God appears as the charioteer to restrain each single breath.

We may close our eyes, engage in the act of pious adoration, and mortify the senses by severe austerities, but unless the desired God comes down to the level at which we are and stands inseparably and watchful by the Self, the essence of worship cannot be gained.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadananad Jee Paramhans~

Gurudev 5 _/l\_
Humble Wishes.

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  1. anuj mahendra says:

    the chant of om here is so fulfilling words cant describe the feel

    • Mrityunjayanand says:

      To dive in depth of spiritual ocean with true sense of metaphysics needs an eternal and soothing background.Nothing can be else to fulfill this except chanting of the most sacred word “Om” duly synchronized with inhale and exhale breath round the clock and moment to moment.

      Humble Wishes!!!

  2. Mrityunjayanand says:

    Yeah,that’s true dear blessed one.
    Humble Wishes!!!

  3. anuj mahendra says:

    tranquility at its best

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