Passivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis or upon the non-perception of the senses….!!!!

Abhavpratyayalambana vrittirnidra.

Passivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis
upon the non-perception of the senses.

~The Yoga Sutras of Revered Patanjali ~

That which stands on the support of the sense of wants
cravings is the Nidra Vritti (disposition of slumber).

It is neither related with the false knowledge of the world
it is the knowledge born of Shabd,
such a disposition is Nidra.

This is the dormant state of the disposition (Vritti).
In this state one is neither moving towards the material world
towards his own self.

The Maharshi has taken this also to be
the dormant state of the disposition.
This disposition (Vritti) is Nidra (slumber).

“Ya nisha sarvbhootanam tasyam jagarti sanyami.”

Sings Bhagavad Gita.

Everybody is lying unconscious in the darkness of this world.
This is the disposition of slumber.
Generally people remain attached with the material world
persons of the dispositions of slumber remain not bound
the inertness of the matter also.

Suppose there are two paths– one is well illumined,
the other one is bathed in darkness
a man is passing through a footpath
in the middle of
the two ways placing one step on one way
and the other step
on the other one, looking sometimes this way,
some times the other way.
This state is the disposition of slumber (Nidra Vritti),
neither towards the world nor towards the self.

Total Nidra Vritti is neither the inertness of the world
any knowledge of the divine path.
Such a Nidra Vritti would not last for ever.

As soon as something is directly experienced and inference
supposition takes place, the Vritti becomes active.

If something auspicious happened, Aklisht Vritti appears,
if inauspicious comes this disposition turns into Klisht one.
On meeting or seeing any person of worldly opulence desire
worldly success and material attainments overpowers
the devotee and he craves for such things
which are beyond his reach.
Thus he is driven towards ‘Mithya-Gyanam’ (false knowledge)
spurring the Klisht Vritti.

If he happened to meet any totally accomplished sage
thus get Aagam Praman (taking evidence)
he turns towards God,
then the Aklisht desires become active.

All the Vrittis (dispositions) sprouted
on the ground of Smriti (memory).

Rudrānām śankaraścāsmi ........!~Revered Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

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