Does Bhagavad Gita require an updated version as per modern human psychology of 21st century…???

An honest and sincere thought is knocking at the door of my mind
finally I have decided to get it shared for deatiled discussions here 
for transparent understanding.

I feel like sharing the few verses of Bhagavad Gita
which have always been working as a lamp post
but normally we ignore such teaching which results
for creation of serious misunderstandings
at each level and gives a chance to lot many people
to spread fake impressions about this eternal scripture.

1. In Verse Forty Two And Forty Three, Chapter Two of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna sings:

“Desire-ridden men,
O Parth, who are given only to listening to Vedic promises of rewards for action,
who believe that the attainment of heaven is the highest goal of temporal birth and its activities,
and who speak pretentious words to describe the many rites and ceremonies
that they regard as conducive to the achievement of worldly pleasure and power,
bereft of discernment.’’

The minds of such men are riddled with endless dissensions.
Covetous and attached to the tempting promises made by Vedic verses,
they regard heaven as the most sublime goal
they believe in nothing beyond this.
Such ignorant men not only devise numerous rites and ceremonies,
the performance of which is expected to bring such rewards as the next birth,
sensual enjoyment, and worldly dominion,
but also flaunt them in flowery and affected language.

If one appoaches to understand the metaphysical concept of Bhagavad Gita to such people,
it is impossible to grasp the real essence of this eternal seed scripture.

In verse Thirty Four, Chapter Four of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna sings:

2. “Obtain that knowledge from enlightened sages
through reverence, inquiry and innocent solicitation,
the sages who are aware of reality will initiate you into it.’’

So seeker is advised to approach totally accomplished seers
with reverence, self-surrender, and humility,
to be instructed in true knowledge through devoted service and guileless curiosity.

These seers will enlighten him on it.
The ability to acquire this knowledge comes only with a wholly dedicated service.
They are seers who enable us to have direct perception of God.
They know the secrets of true essence and they will teach it to seeker.

But the sage must be totally accomplished and fully enlightened.
Such sage can handle
any mindset around the globe
without any difficulty any time
teach the true essence of Bhgavad Gita by all means.

3. In Verse Four, Chapter Thirteen of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna sings:

“This has also been said in various distinct ways
by sages in different scriptural verses
well-reasoned, definitive aphorisms on the knowledge of the Supreme Spirit (Brahmsutr).”

That is so say that Vedant, great sages, Brahmsutr, and Lord Krishn all say the same thing.

That means Lord Krishna admits that this knowledge has already been discussed
at various sources in full length.
This wisdom is immutable and old/new does not have any meaning at any level.

But yes, its mode of presentation must be very easy and convincing
without losing its metaphysical essence
so that it may reach to generations and generations
in every corner of the entire globe without any difficulty.

And if this is the pronouncement of Lord Krishna himself,
what people want to add, write, read, listen and amend or update on the original text of Bhagavad Gita
which is immutable, eternal and seed scripture of entire mankind around the globe??

Why not try to go through metaphysical commentaries
already done by any fully Enlightened sage
to which soul initiates to resonate with spiritual frequency
on its own by divine impulses i
nstead of learning through such writers/commentators who are totally professionals
to write and get the books published
only to be a multi millionaire through spiritual market?

Now it is upto us whether we are satisfied with already existing sources
need some more new additions as per
own conveniences, concepts, traditions and so called life styles.

I think, if we may keep these teachings in mind,
there will not be any problem in understanding the core teachings of Bhagavad Gita
in any mind set,
at any time,
any where around the globe.

Humble Wishes.
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