Bhagavad Gita-the best evergreen metaphysical psychotherapy ever done in global spiritual history…!!!!!

Bhagavad Gita is an ocean of spirituality,
a sincere deep dive in which brings the answers of all possible doubts of human nature
based upon either physical or metaphysical psychology
while traversing on path of Self Realization.
I personally feel that Bhagavad Gita
the best evergreen metaphysical psychotherapy

ever done in Global Spiritual History.

I have been facing so many questions which are directly related with this raised subject. Some one asked:

A change in intent may temporally be considered as a matter of psychology
can we treat “ignorance” under which Arjun’s MIND clinged to MOHA / MAYA, a psychology?
Application of Gita for psychotherapy is fine
but the very fact is that the Viraat Swarop which Krishna showed to Arjuna
to eliminate the veil of Manas in Arjuna… exactly at that moment the ignorance ends.
Hence where is the role of psychotherapy?

And then the question:

What the psychology is as of now?
A science which studies behaviour
which studies the emergence of thought process resulting in behaviour
the psycho physiological changes in a subject
the molecular psycho biology or the quantum biophysical chemistry
which focuses on neuro transmitters….
the blank slate where we know the physical and chemical constituents of a neuron
but unable to know how this gives rise to consciousness
is there some metaphysical energy which binds these physio chemical constituents
and enable to give certain response.

How such factors can get related with the teachings of Bhagavad Gita
if its spiritual divine contents are accepted as psychotherapy?

I feel that answer is very simple if we are not going to complicate the questions
which look to be simply in a mind frame of innocent arguments at first glance.
I can understand the raised  vision and agree that the science of psychology itself is bewildered.
But we have not to go in details of this science and to study
how its experts are exploiting the related theories?

I am simply concerned with the human psychology towards metaphysical approach.
Human mind is getting distorted because of excessive materialistic lust, approach and race of luxurious life.
Normal human behaviour has terrifically changed these days which is to some extent very shameful.
I have no intention to study and prove through the expanded scientific theories of human psychology
as how such changes happen or about its possibilities?
All this is at physical level, too far from real metaphysics.

Metaphysics has its own Super Science beyond the capabilities of all those sciences
physical and material level
totally based on divine intuitions and spiritual frequencies.

we can not ignore certain highlights of Bhagavad Gita.
Last Verse, Chapter One (first Chapter) of Bhagavad Gita sings:

“Speaking thus and smitten by grief, in the midst of the battlefield,
Arjun put aside his bow and arrows, and sat down in the chariot.”

And in Verse Seventy Three, Chapter Eighteen(last Chapter) of Bhagavad Gita, Arjun says:

‘Since my ignorance has been dispelled by your grace, O Achyut,
and I have recovered discernment, I am free from doubt and shall follow your precept.”

So what happened in between and how this impossible change could be possible in Arjun’s mind
a subject to be honestly studied?

And that is the reason,
I personally treat the secret teachings of Bhagavad Gita
the best evergreen metaphysical psychotherapy ever done in global spiritual history
through the divine essences of its verses.

Bhagavad Gita deals about mind, thought, intellect and ego being components of subtle body in details
apart of the  structure of corporeal frame of physical body in total.
This seed scripture deals about how mind gets entangled
by getting badly infatuated at various junctions of physical world
about the drastic character of attachment.

Bhagavd Gita also deals about
the six vices of passion, wrath, greed, delusion, vanity, malice
six virtues of discrimination, renunciation, restraint, tranquility, courage and intellect.
The game of fluctuating mind is involved very badly everywhere
because of that we can not ignore the word psychology
which is science of mind in metaphysics as well.

The different stages of mind are the root cause behind these games
whether it is a part of ignorance or intelligence.
Total behaviour of our all the senses are in control of this same mind
therefore Lord Krishna has always stressed upon restraining the mind and senses first by all means.

Lord Krishna sings in Verse Eight, Chapter Fifteen of Bhagavad Gita:

“Like the wind carrying a scent from its source,
the Soul that is lord of the body
also bears along with him the senses and the mind
from its previous body and assumes a new one.”

The Soul carries with him the propensities and mode of action of the mind
five senses of the body from which he departs and takes them into his new body.
The next body is immediately assured.

Since the propensities and modes of action of the mind are very vast
which are being carried forward with soul from births to rebirths till final liberation,
hence we will have to take control of its science metaphysically
in our account without any fail as well.
The secret of this science and its timely proper application is metaphysical psychotherapy
which is totally hidden and can get revealed and applied only by the grace
any totally accomplished and fully enlightened sage
being seen in Verses of Bhagavad Gita.

Moha/maya are nothing but the outcome of the same mind’s game
which vanishes with the effect of divine impulses
during this great hidden spiritual exercise.

The fact that the Virat Swaroop
which Lord Krishna showed to Arjuna
to eliminate the veil of Manas in him… also required to reach to a certain mental status
fully enriched with glorious divine impulses first.

Lord Krishna had to teach him from Chapter Two to till Chapter Ten
to bring his mental status
from lower impure level to highest pure level
then exactly at that moment of HIS direct perception,
the ignorance ended,
not before that.

Though even after that Arjun was trapped in infatuation when his son
Abhimanyu got killed in battle of Mahabharat,
as per the great Indian epic,
from where Bhagavad Gita has been derived.

There was hidden exercise behind that which we can only feel
while leading a metaphysical life
by taking refuge in any truly enlightened sage.

And to my concept, that is the real metaphysical psychotherapy.

Bhagavad Gita is an example of that spiritual healing
resonating through seven hundred verses
which are eternal,evergreen and immutable.

Humble Wishes.


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3 Responses to Bhagavad Gita-the best evergreen metaphysical psychotherapy ever done in global spiritual history…!!!!!

  1. Mrityunjayanand says:

    You are always welcome dear blessed soul David Scherer.
    God bless you.

    Humble Wishes.

  2. David Scherer says:

    Thank you again. From my biblical and Vedic studies, it appears Krishna was god (Enlil) of the bible and Arjuna was Enoch. The life stories are to similar to be anyone but the same characters.

  3. David Scherer says:

    Thank you for your reply. What you wrote is what Sant Mat Guru Masters teach also “with breath and senses stilled” then does the soul exit thru the pineal gland and enter the subtle yet more vibrant colored Realms of Astral, Casal then on to the pure white Realm of Spirits. Shedding all shells or cloaks (like ego) which make it possible to interact with the various Realms, until at the last Gate the last covering or over-self is shed and then one may proceed as pure Spirit to see the Supreme Being or as I call Him, the Great Holy Spirit who created and maintains this and all the Realms by His, Light, Love and Song AUM. Thank you, and I have enjoyed your teachings over the years and found them to be True and filled with Love. OMBelovedD

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