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Lord Krishn has taught in Bhagavad Gita:

avyaktam vyaktimāpannam manyante māmabuddhayah
param bhāvamajānanto mamāvyayamanuttamam

“Wanting in wisdom and oblivious of the reality
that I am immaculate and beyond the mind and senses,
men regard my manifestation as a physical incarnation.”

There is nothing like gods and the rewards, too, for their worship are ephemeral.
All this notwithstanding, all men are not devoted to God.
This is so because men who are bereft of discernment are only inadequately aware
God’s perfection and magnificence.

It is for this reason that they deem the unmanifest God as assuming a human form.

In other words, Lord Krishn was a yogi in the body of a man, verily a Yogeshwar, a Lord of Yog.
The one who is a yogi himself and has the ability to impart yog to others is called a Yogeshwar,
an accomplished teacher.
Adopting the right form of worship, and with gradual refinement,
sages also come to abide in that state.

Although wearing the apparel of a human body, they at last abide in the formless, unmanifest God.
But ignorant men yet regard them as ordinary human beings.
How can they be God, these men think, when they were born just like them?

They are hardly to blame for this, for their deluded minds,
wherever they look, see only the external form.
Yogeshwar Krishn now explains why they are unable to see the Spirit embodied
within the physical body in next verse.

He adds:
nāham prakāśah sarvasya yogamāyāsamāvrtam
mūdho’yam nābhijānāti loko māmajamavyayam

“Hidden behind my yog-maya,
I am not perceived by all and this ignorant man does not know me,
the birthless and immutable God.”

For an ordinary man, maya,
the power by which God evolves the physical universe, is like a thick screen
behind which God is completely hidden.

Beyond this yog-maya, or the practice of yog, there is also another curtain.
It is only by a constant and long practice of yog
that the worshiper reaches
the culminating point of yog
where the hidden God is perceived.

Yogeshwar Krishn says that he is hidden by his yog-maya
only they who have secured yog can know him.
Since he is not manifest to all, the ignorant and unwise man
does not know him-the birthless (who is not going to be born again),
eternal (who cannot be destroyed),
unmanifest (who is not going to be manifest again).

Arjun initially regarded Sri Krishn as just another mortal.
But after he is enlightened and his vision is enlarged,
he begins to plead and beg.

By and large it is only too true that we are no better than blind men
in the matter of recognizing the unmanifest Soul of sages and great men.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes.


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