Most subtle of all knowledge by knowing the essence of which a man gains wisdom and accomplishes all his tasks as per Gita!!!

It is this most secret knowledge that Lord Krishn imparts to Arjun.
Sages of attainment do not reveal it to all,
but they also do not hide it from the deserving.

If it is hidden from them,
how will they achieve their object?

Lord Krishn sings:

“There are two kinds of beings in the world,
the mortal and the immortal:
whereas the bodies of all beings are destructible,
their Souls are said to be imperishable.”

The person male or female,
who has restrained his senses along with the mind,
that is,
whose body of senses is steady, is said to be imperishable.

The ‘‘perishable’’ person exists today,
but may not exist even tomorrow.
But this too is Soul in a particular condition.
There is, however, another Self beyond these two.

“But higher than both of them is the one
who pervades the three worlds to support and sustain all,
and who is named the eternal God and Supreme Spirit (Ishwar).”

The unmanifest God, the imperishable,
the Supreme Being are some other names by which he is known.
But truly he is different and inexpressible.
He represents the ultimate state beyond the mutable and the immutable
(the perishable and the imperishable).
He is different and beyond words.

Lord Krishn introduces himself as a Soul in such a state.

Lord Krishn adds:

“Since I am supreme by virtue of being
beyond both the perishable ( body) and the imperishable (Soul),
I am known as the Supreme Being ( Purushottam ) in the world
as well as in the Ved.”

He is reputed as the Supreme Being in both the world and the Ved
because he has transcended the destructible, mutable kshetr
even gone higher than the immutable, imperishable, steady Soul.

“The all-knowing man,
who is thus aware of my essence, O Bharat, as the Supreme Being,
always worships me with perfect devotion.”

Such a worshipper is not separate from Lord Krishn.

Lord Krishn concludes:

“I have thus instructed you, O the sinless,
in this most subtle of all knowledge because, O Bharat,
by knowing its essence a man gains wisdom
and accomplishes all his tasks.”

Lord Krishn thus enlightens Arjun on the most secret knowledge,
by being well acquainted with the essence of which
a man becomes all-knowing and gains his object.

So this instruction by Lord Krishn is a complete sacred precept in itself.

This mysterious knowledge of Lord Krishn was most secret.
He told this to only devotees.
Rather than for all, it was meant only for the worthy
who are spiritually ready to receive and profit by it.
But when the same secret teaching is put down in black and white,
appears in the form of a book,
it may seem that Lord Krishn has imparted it to all.

But in truth it is only for those who are fit to receive it.
Even the manifest form of Lord Krishn was not meant for all.
But he kept nothing back from the worthy Arjun.
Arjun could not have been saved if his charioteer had kept secrets from him.

This uniqueness is to be found in all accomplished sages.
Sri Ramkrishn Paramhansdev was once ecstatic.
His disciples asked him for the reason.
Alluding to an eminent contemporary great soul, a realized sage
(who had controlled and subdued all his senses by abstract meditation),
Sri Ramkrishn said that on that day he too had become a Paramhans like him.

After a while he told the disciples
who followed him aspiring-with mind, action and speech-for freedom
from passion and worldly attachment,
“Don’t ever be in doubt now.
I am the Ram who was born in Treta.
I, too, am the Krishn of Dwapar.
I am their sacred Soul.
I am of their form.
If you have to attain, behold me.”

In precisely the same way revered Gurudeo used to say,
“Mark you that I am but a messenger of God.
Real sages are messengers of the all pervading, preeminent,
changeless Supreme Spirit;
it is through them that his message is received.”

Jesus Christ exhorted men to come to him, all who labour and are heavily laden, and he would give them rest by revealing to them God his Father (Matthew, 11:28).

So everyone can be a son of God.
Albeit it is a different matter that going to sages is made possible
only through sincere striving for the accomplishment
worship and meditation.

The revered Maharaj Ji used to say the same about himself to all.
He neither supported nor contradicted any view or doctrine;
but he did tell those who earnestly craved for liberation
from passions and worldly attachment:

“Just look at my form.
If you aspire for the ultimate Spirit,
contemplate me and have no doubt.”

There were many who were skeptical, but, through demonstrating
by personal experience and conduct,
and even by berating them,
he made them give up their irrelevant assumptions
among which are included the many rituals and ceremonies
dwelt upon by Lord Krishn and thus induced them
to have faith in him.
He exists timelessly as an accomplished sage.

Likewise, although Lord Krishn’s glory was a mystery,
he revealed it to his earnest devotee,
worthy and affectionate Arjun.
This is possible with every worshiper
sages have thus brought millions on to the spiritual path.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes.

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