“Tell me, O Lord, the attributes of the man who has risen above the three properties and the way by which he transcends these??”

Arjun asks three questions.

What are the features of the man who has risen
above the properties of nature?

How does he conduct himself?

And what is the way of transcending the three properties?

And sings Lord Krishn:

“The man, O Pandav,
abhors radiance,

inclination to action,
attachment that are generated respectively

by the operations of sattwa, rajas, and tamas
when he is involved in them,
aspires for them when he is liberated;…”

“And who,
like a dispassionate onlooker, is unmoved
by the properties
and is steady
unshaken by dint of his realization

these properties of nature but abide in themselves;…”

“And who, ever dwelling in his Self,
views joy, sorrow, earth, stone,
and gold as equal, is patient,

evenly regards the pleasant and the unpleasant,
slander and praise;…”

“And who puts up with honour and dishonour,
as also with friend and foe,
with equanimity,

who gives up the undertaking of action is said
to have

transcended all the properties.”

Above expositions disclose the attributes of the man
who has risen above the three properties
so that he is unagitated,
unswayed by the properties,

What follows now is clarification of the means
by which
one is liberated from these properties.

Lord Krishn adds:

“And the man who serves me
with the yog of unswerving devotion
overcomes the three properties

secures the state of oneness with God.”

One who worships Lord Krishn with unwavering dedication,
that is,
with only the adored goal in his mind
oblivious of all other worldly memories,
constantly serves him by performing the ordained action,
goes well across the three properties and is worthy of being one
with the Supreme Spirit.

This union with God is the true kalp or cure.
No one can go beyond these properties
without undertaking the prescribed task with perfect intentness.
So the Yogeshwar at last gives his judgement.

“For I am the one in which the eternal God,
immortal life, the imperishable dharm,
and the ultimate bliss all abide.”

Lord Krishn is the dwelling of immortal God
(through a single-minded access
to whom
the seeker is cured of all worldly maladies),
of everlasting life, of eternal Dharm,
of the unblemished pure joy of attaining to the Supreme goal.
In other words, a God-oriented saint is the abode of all this bliss.
Such a sage was Lord Krishn-a yogi.

So if we are seeking for the ineffable, indestructible God,
the eternal dharm, and the pure, ultimate bliss,
we have to take refuge in some great Soul
that dwells in the incommunicable essence.

Only such a sage can enable a devotee
to achieve
what he is questing for.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes.

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