Summary of Chapter Five of Bhagavad Geeta…..!!!

At the beginning of chapter Arjun raised a question about Sri Krishn’s alternate praise of the Way of Selfless Action and the Way of Knowledge through Renunciation. He wished to know that which, according to Sri Krishn’s considered judgement, is doubtlessly superior.

Sri Krishn told him that there is ultimate good in both. In both the worshipper has to perform the ordained act of yagya, but Way of Selfless Action is yet superior. Without such action there is no end of desire, and of good and evil deeds. Renunciation is name, not of a means, but of goal itself. The man of renunciation is a doer of selfless action, a yogi. Godliness is his mark. He neither acts nor makes others act, and all beings are engaged in action only under pressure of nature.

He is seer-because he knows God. God is known as an outcome of yagya. He is the one into whom breath-recitation, yagya, and purificatory rites all merge. He is the tranquillity which the worshipper experiences as an outcome of yagya, that is, with the attainment of this repose he is transformed into a sage like Sri Krishn.

Like Sri Krishn and other seers, he also becomes God of gods because he is now one with God. That the coming about of this attainment may take a number of births is a different matter. Chapter 5 has thus elucidated unique and amazing point that the power that dwells within the sage after his realization of God is no other than the spirit of the Supreme Lord – of the God who is the enjoyer of the offerings of all yagya and penances.

Thus concludes the Fifth Chapter in the Upanishad of the Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta,
on the Knowledge of the Supreme Spirit,
the Science of Yog,
and the Dialogue between Krishn and Arjun,
entitled :

‘‘Yagya Bhokta Mahapurushasth Maheshwarah,
‘‘The Supreme god- enjoyer of Yagya’’
Thus concludes Swami Adgadanand’s exposition of the Fifth Chapter
the Bhagwad Geeta in *‘‘Yatharth Geeta’’*

Om 8

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