Sri Krishn is the invincible “Ram” among wielders of weapons….!!!

Sings Bhagavad Gita:

पवनः पवतामस्मि रामः शस्त्रभृतामहम्
झषाणां मकरश्चास्मि स्रोतसामस्मि जाह्नवी
pavanah pavatāmasmi rāmah śastrabhrtāmaham
jhasānām makaraścāsmi srotasāmasmi jāhnavī

“I am the wind among powers

that refine,

Ram among armed warriors,

the crocodile among fishes,

and the sacred Bhagirathi Ganga among rivers.”

Sri Krishn is the invincible Ram among wielders of weapons.

Ram denotes one who rejoices.

Yogi rejoice in knowledge.
The signals received from the God
they worship are their sole pleasure.

Ram symbolizes that direct perception
Sri Krishn is that awareness.

He is also the mighty crocodile among amphibian beings
the most sacred Ganga among river.

[Revered Swami Adgadanandji]

As expounded by most Revered Gurudev


“O blessed mind! ….Oh, fortunate mind!….O naive mind!…..O restless mind!……….listen…listen…listen….and sing: “O my beloved Lord, , please reside in my Lotus-Heart, so that all the worldly desires and other offenses can be destroyed completely.”

Gratitude: YouTube.
Humble Wishes!!! 

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