“Bhagavad Gita” in it’s true metaphysical perspective: Chapter One – Expositions of Verses “Twenty to Twenty Five” summed up!!!

1.20-21-22. “Then, O King, after viewing the sons of Dhritrashtr in array, when the discharge of missiles was about to commence, Kunti’s son (Arjun), whose ensign bore the image of Hanuman, raised his bow and spoke to Hrishikesh thus: ‘O Achyut (Krishn), keep my chariot between the two armies so that I may watch those who are formed up for combat and know whom I have to fight in the ensuing battle.”

Sanjay, an epitome of self restraint, endeavours to enlighten the mind lying under a pall of ignorance by pointing out that apart from the other exemplary captains of the Pandav army there is the Hanuman-ensign of Arjun.Hanuman, a symbol of true renunciation. Disenchantment with the world and the desire to renounce it are the mark of Arjun’s battle-standard. Some interpreters have named this standard “monkey-ensign” because of its frenzied fluttering. But this is unacceptable, for the primate exhibited on the ensign is no common monkey but Hanuman himself who has risen above all distinctions. To him honour and dishonour are the same. Giving up lust for material objects which have been heard or seen, of worldly objects and sensual pleasures, is renunciation.

So, after having seen Dhritrashtr’s sons arrayed just when missiles are about to be launched, Arjun, whose distinctive mono is renunciation, lifts his bow and speaks to Hrishikesh, the lord of senses and knower of the mysteries of the heart, addressing him as the “infallible.” He requests his charioteer to station the chariot between the two armies. His words, however, are not words of command to a charioteer, but a prayer by a devotee to the worshipped one, an accomplished teacher. But why does he want Krishn to park the chariot?

Arjun wants to ascertain well who the warriors intent upon battle are,whom he has to fight in this business of warfare?

1.23. “Since I wish to observe those who have assembled here to fight for pleasing Dhritrashtr’s wicked-minded son (Duryodhan) in the battle.”

Arjun wants the chariot to be parked in front of the Kaurav so that he may see the kings, desirous of battle, who have joined the evil-minded Duryodhan for the sake of his happiness-for Duryodhan who represents excessive attachment. Arjun wishes to observe well the kings who have assembled to fight in the war for the cause of infatuation.

1.24-25. “Thus addressed by Gudakesh, O descendant of Bharat (Dhritrashtr), Hrishikesh parked the unique chariot between the two armies, in front of Bheeshm, Dron, and all the other kings, and said, ‘Behold, O son of Pritha (Arjun), the assembled Kuru.”

Sanjay informs Dhritrashtr how on being requested by Arjun, who has mastered sleep,Sri Krishn,who knows all that is to know of the mind and heart, parks the chariot of unexcelled beauty in the midst of all the kings who have staked out claims on the earth which is the body in macrocosm, and asks Parth to behold the assembled Kaurav. The “excellent” chariot in question is made of neither gold nor silver, nor of any material substance. Excellence is defined in this world in terms of its agreeableness or disagreeableness to the mortal body. But such a view is misleading, for that alone is excellence which is always one with the real, the Self, and which has no unrighteousness or impurity about it.

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“Humble Wishes” 

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