Bhagavad Gita: Song Of Revelation Is For Everyone, And It’s Specially Salutary For Householders!!!

Saying that the Gita is only for ascetics-for men
who have renounced the world.
But this is not true.
Although the Gita is primarily for persons
who tread the path of spiritual quest,
it is also in good measure for those who aspire to step on to it.

This song of revelation is for every one,
and it is specially salutary for householders-for men and women
who are rearing a family and struggling to support and sustain it,
because such individuals stand at the point
where action is commenced.

Sri Krishn tells Arjun that the initial step taken
in the undertaking of selfless action is never destroyed.
Attempted in even a small measure,
it at last provides liberation from the terror’ of birth and death.
Now, who besides an overburdened
harried householder is expected to act in a small measure?
He has so little time to devote to the task.

Arjun is told in the thirty sixth verse of Chapter 4:

“Even if you are the most heinous sinner,
the ark of knowledge will carry you
safely across all evils.”

Now, who possibly is expected to be the greater sinner,
the person who is incessantly absorbed in spiritual seeking
the person who only contemplates embarking on it?

So the garhastya-order-the order of the householder-is the stage
that marks the beginning of action.

In Chapter 6 of Bhagavad Gita, Arjun asks the lord:

“What is the end,
O Krishn, of the feeble worshiper
whose inconstant mind has strayed away
from selfless action and who has,
been deprived of perception
which is the final outcome of yog?

Is it that this deluded, shelterless man is dissipated
like scattered clouds,
deprived of both God realization and worldly pleasures?”

Sri Krishn then proceeds to assure his friend and disciple
that even this irresolute man who digresses from yog is not destroyed,
for one who has performed good deeds never comes to grief.
With his sanskar, such a person is either born in the house of a noble man
admitted to the family of an enlightened yogi.
Such a person is thus on both ways induced to worship and,
treading this appointed path through several births,
he or she finally achieves the ultimate state.

All this is relevant to a householder more than to anyone else.
Isn’t a person in fact,re-born as a householder
because of wandering from the Way of Selfless Action?
And this accident of birth is what bestows on that individual
an inclination towards spiritual seeking and worship.

In this context Sri Krishn further declares in the thirtieth verse of Chapter 9:

“Even if a man of the most depraved conduct worships incessantly, he is worthy of being regarded as a saint
because he is a man of true resolve.”

Who can be more fallen, the man who is already absorbed in divine adoration or
the man who has not yet been initiated into the process?
What is pledged here is thus for all mankind.
Even persons of sinful conduct can achieve final emancipation
by finding shelter under God.

A householder is not essentially a sinful man.
Moreover, the order to which he belongs is,
as we have already seen,
the starting point of the scriptual ordained action.

Climbing ever higher,
although step by step,
the householder will also achieve the state of a yogi
become a part of the supreme essence
his form will be,
as Yogeshwar Krishn says,
like the form of God himself.

~ Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans ~

Humble Wishes.

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