Basics of spiritual path…!!!

“The Self is eternal.”……………Neither any dispute nor any doubt!!!

But there arises another question at this point. How to realize and fulfill the Self? In the whole of the Bhagavd Gita only two ways are suggested for this, first “The Way of Selfless Action” (Nishkam Karm Yog) and, secondly, “The Way of Discernment” (Gyan Yog). The required ordained action for both the ways is the same.

Though we have fabricated and named in so many “Ways” about these two ways.

There are wars in the world. People assemble at a place and fight. But even victors in these wars fail to secure a lasting victory. These wars are, in fact, only acts of getting satisfaction by deliberately inflicting injury for injuries inflicted-mere acts of vengeance.

The more a man suppresses others, the more he is eventually suppressed himself. What kind of victory is this in which there is only sense-withering grief! And at the end the body is also destroyed.

The really beneficial war is the conflict between matter and spirit, for a single conquest in this war results in domination of matter by the Self. This is a conquest after which there is no possibility of defeat.

And to wage this war, Bhagavad Gita suggests “The Way of Selfless Action” (Nishkam Karm Yog) and, secondly, “The Way of Discernment” (Gyan Yog).

The man who treads the Way of Knowledge acts with a proper evaluation of his situation and with self-reliance, whereas the man who takes to the Path of Selfless Action also acts, but with reliance upon the mercy of the adored God.

Action is a basic requirement of both the ways and in each of them it is the same, although it has to be done in two different ways. The attitudes behind the action in the two ways are different.

Let us share our views and find out the basics of spiritual path…!!!

Humble Wishes!!!

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