“O Savyasachin, have to be just the nominal agent of their destruction”…..!!!…

 Bhagavad Gita sings:

tasmāttvamuttistha yaśo labhasva
jitvā śatrūn bhunksva rājyam samrddham
mayaivaite nihatāh pūrvameva
nimittamātraṁ bhava savyasācin||11-33||

“So you should get up and earn renown and enjoy a thriving
affluent kingdom by vanquishing your enemies,
these warriors have already been killed by me
O Savyasachin (Arjun),
have to be just the nominal agent of their destruction.”

Sri Krishn has said repeatedly that God neither acts himself
causes others to act, and does not even devise coincidences.
It is only because of their deluded minds that people believe
every action is effected by God. 

But here we have Sri Krishn himself getting up and saying
he has already annihilated his foes.
Arjun has to do nothing more save merely taking the credit for this by making just a gesture of killing them. This again takes us back to his essential nature. He is the image of affectionate devotion,
God is ever inclined to help and support such loving worshipers.
He is a doer for them-their charioteer.

The idea of “kingdom” has often occured in the Geeta.
Initially Arjun did not want to fight and he told Sri Krishn that he could not see how his becoming an uncontested ruler of a thriving and
wealthy kingdom on the earth or even an Indr-like lord of Gods could
wipe out the grief that was wearing out his senses. 

He did not want either of these if his grief was to persist even after his achievement of these rewards.
Yogeshwar Krishn then told him that in case of defeat in the war he would be rewarded with heavenly existence and, in case of victory, with
attainment of the Supreme Spirit.

And now he says that the enemies have already been slain by him and
that Arjun has to act just as a proxy to win both renown
rulership of a thriving realm. 

Does Sri Krishn mean by this that he is going to bestow upon Arjun the very worldly rewards with which he is so evidently disillusioned-the rewards in which he cannot see the end of his misery? 

Such, however, is not the case. The promised reward is the ultimate union with God that results from a destruction of all contradictions of
the material world.

This is the only permanent attainment, which is never destroyed
which is an outcome of raj-yog, the highest form of all yog.

[Revered Swami Adgadanandji]

 As expounded by most Revered Gurudev

Humble Wishes!!! 

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