“I shall instruct you well with analogy in this mysterious knowledge, knowing of which liberates from this sorrowfull world.”

By offering to impart this knowledge with “vigyan,” Lord Krishn means that he will illustrate it with the achievements of a great Soul of attainment: how he functions simultaneously at all places, how he enlightens, and how as a charioteer he always stands beside the Self. Knowing this Arjun will be emancipated from this world of misery where happiness is impermanent.

Lord Krishn sings:

“This knowledge is the monarch of all learning
as well as of all mysteries, most sacred,
doubtlessly propitious, easy to practice, and indestructible.”

Substantiated by illustration, this knowledge is the sovereign of all learning. But “learning” here does not mean mastering a language or scholarship in its usual sense. True learning is that which enables the man who has acquired it to go along God’s way until he has won salvation. If he gets entangled in the vanity of his achievements or in the material world while he is on the way, it is evident that his learning has failed. His learning, then, is not knowledge but a veil of ignorance.

It is only regal learning (rajvidya), spiritual enlightenment, which is profitable beyond any doubt. It is the king of all “secret teaching” because one can approach it only after the practice of yog is brought to perfection by the unraveling of the knots of both knowledge and ignorance.

Holiest of the holy and blessed with excellence, it is also manifestly fruitful. The profit from it is so transparent. No sooner does a man have it than he is rewarded. It is not the blind faith that we will be rewarded in the next life if we are virtuous in this life.

Yogeshwar Krishn has told Arjun that the seed of yog never perishes. Practising it in even a small measure provides liberation from the great fear of repeated birth and death. Arjun requested the Lord to tell him the lot of the feeble worshiper who strays from yog and is, therefore, deprived of the perception which is its final achievement.

Lord Krishn then said that the primary need is to know the way of this action (yog) after which, if a man just takes a couple of steps on it, the merit earned by them is never destroyed. He carries this sanskar along with him to the next life and by virtue of it performs the same action with every birth.

Thus practicing yog over many lives, he at last arrives at the state of salvation, the supreme goal. Sri Krishn says that although the practice of yog is easy and indestructible, faith is its indispensable requirement.

Lord Krishn adds:

“Men who have no faith in this knowledge,
O Parantap, do not attain to me and are doomed to roaming
about the mortal world.”

Even the smallest bit of practice of this dharm is never destroyed, but the man whose mind is not fully centered on the object of his worship undergoes repeated birth and death instead of attaining to Lord Krishn.

Now the Yogeshwar speaks about God’s omnipresence.

“The whole world is pervaded by me,
the unmanifest Supreme Being,
and all beings dwell within my will but I am not in them.”

The unmanifest form in which Lord Krishn exists spreads through every atom of the universe and all beings have their life within him. But he is not in them because he exists in an unmanifest form. Since accomplished sages are one with the unmanifest God, they discard their bodies and act in the same divine state.

“And even all beings are not within me,
and such is the power of my yog-maya that my Spirit,
the creator and preserver of all beings, is not within them.”

Even all beings are not within Lord Krishn, because they are mortal and dependent on nature. But such is the greatness of his yog that although he creates and sustains all beings, his Spirit is not in them. I am in the form of the Self not within those beings. This is the achievement of yog.

Lord Krishn cites an instance to elucidate the point:

“Be it known to you that all beings dwell in me
just as the great wind that roams everywhere always dwells in the sky.”

The wind is always in the sky, but cannot taint and affect its brightness. Similarly, all beings are within Lord Krishn, but he is unblemished like the sky.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes.

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