Properties of nature are mutable…..!!!

Going across the properties of nature, the sages who dwell in God-the only reality, are enabled to perceive divisions of action according to the properties of nature.

If the predominant quality or property is ignorance (tamas), it shows itself in the forms of lethargy, sleep, and wantonness-in brief, in a general disinclination to action. 

If the basic property is passion (rajas),the resulting action is characterized by an unwillingness to retreat from worship and a sense of authority. 

If the dominating property is virtue or quality of goodness (sattwa), the actions prompted by it bear such traits as concentration of mind, meditativeness, a positive attitude towards experience, continuous thought, and simplicity.

Properties of nature are mutable. So the perceptive sage alone is able to see that the excellence or otherwise of action is determined by the constituent properties. These properties effect their work through their instruments, the senses and their objects.But they who have not yet gone beyond these properties, and are still midway, are addicted to whatever they do.

~Revered Swami Adgadanand Paramhans~

Gurudev _/l\_
“Humble Wishes”

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