What is the profit of knowing all the three properties and it’s consequence through metaphysical vision of Bhagavad Gita?

Driven by the three properties born out of prakriti (nature)
man is compelled to act;
without action he cannot even live for a moment.

These properties,
compel him to act.

Even in sleep action does not cease,
for it is the necessary sustenance for the body.
The three properties bind men,
the level of gods to that of the lowest creatures such as worms.

The profit of knowing all the three properties
metaphysical vision of Bhagavad Gita
has it’s own advantage which gives a transparent vision
while leading a metaphysical life.

Lord Krishn sings in Bhagavad Gita:

“If the Soul departs
when the property of sattwa is dominant,

it attains to the pure worlds of the virtuous.”


“If he meets with death when rajas is presiding,
he is born as (one of ) humans
who are attached to action;

he is born in the form of unintelligent beings

if he leaves the body
when tamas is prevailing.”

So of all properties man should be endowed with sattwa.
The bank of nature refunds the earned merits even after death.

Now let us see its consequence.

Lord Krishn sings:

“While righteousness is said
to be the pure outcome of action

that is governed by sattwa,
the outcome of rajas is sorrow,
the outcome of tamas is ignorance.”

Absolute happiness, knowledge, renunciation,
such other qualities are said to be outcome of action
inspired by sattwa.

On the other hand,
sorrow is the outcome of action characterized by rajas,
ignorance of action dominated by tamas.

HE adds:

“Knowledge arises from the property of sattwa,
greed beyond any doubt from rajas,
carelessness, delusion,
ignorance from tamas.”

What mode of existence does the generation
these properties result into?

Lord Krishn sings:

“Whereas they who dwell in sattwa
ascend to higher worlds,

they who sojourn in rajas
remain in the middle (the world of men),

they who abide in the meanest of properties tamas are doomed

the lowest state.”

The current of life that is founded on sattwa flows
towards the transcendental, primal God
the man with such a life attains to purer worlds.
Souls who are dominated by rajas end up as common mortals.

Lacking in discernment and renunciation,
although they do not transmigrate into lower forms of life,
they have to undergo rebirth.

Ignorant and immoral men
who are ruled by the rightly maligned tamas
reborn in the lowest forms.

Thus the consequence of all the three properties
some kind of birth or the other.

Only they who go beyond these properties are freed
from the shackle of rebirth
they alone realize Sri Krishn’s sublime state.

Lord Krishn adds:

“When the Soul (that is a mere witness) does not see anyone
besides the three properties as doer
when he knows the essence of the Supreme Spirit

who is beyond these properties,
he attains to my state.”

The assumption that the three properties only duplicate themselves
not based on true knowledge.
The process of accomplishment at last leads to the state
in which after the perception of God
no other agent except the three properties is visible,
in such a state a man goes beyond them.

What Sri Krishn has to say about this next
a proof that this is not just a flight of fancy.

Lord Krishn sings:

Transcending the properties
that are the germ of the gross,

corporal body

from the miseries of birth, death, and old age,
the Soul achieves
ultimate bliss.”

After a man is liberated from the three properties,
his Soul tastes the nectar

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Om 62_/l\_
Humble Wishes.

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