In The State In Which Even The Yog-Restrained Mind Is Dissolved By A Direct Perception Of God !!!

Sri Krishn has preached in Bhagavad Gita:
यत्रोपरमते चित्तं निरुद्धं योगसेवया ।
यत्र चैवात्मनात्मानं पश्यन्नात्मनि तुष्यति ॥

yatro’paramate cittam
niruddham yogasevayā,
yatra cai’vā’tmanā’tmānam
paśyann ātmani tuṣyati 
“In the state in which even the yog-restrained mind
dissolved by a direct perception of God,
he (the worshiper) rests contented in his Self.”

This state is achieved only by a constant and long practice of yog.

In the absence of such exercise,
there can be no restraint of the mind.

So when the intellect,
the refined mind that has been curbed by yog,
ceases to be because it is absorbed in God,
the worshiper perceives him through his Self and abides
contented happiness in his own Self.
He apprehends God, but he dwells contented in his Soul.

In the moment of attainment he sees God, face to face as it were, but the very next moment he finds his own Self overflowing with the eternal glories of that God.

God is immortal, constant, unmanifest, and vital; and now the worshipper’s soul too is imbued with these divine attributes.

True, but now it is also beyond thought.
So long as desire and its urges exist,
we cannot possess the Self. But when the mind is restrained and
then dissolved by direct perception, the very next moment after
the visionary experience the embodied Soul is endowed
with all the transcendental qualities of God.

And it is for this reason that the worshiper now lives happily
and contented in his own Self.

This Self is what he really is.
This is the point of crowning glory for him.

 [Revered Swami Adgadanandji Paramhans]

As expounded by most revered Gurudev.

Humble Wishes!!!

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