All desires are forbidden, but yearning for the attainment of God is essential as we cannot be inclined to worship in its absence…!!!

The whole wisdom of the Ved has been breathed forth from God. Lord Krishn sings in Bhagavad Gita:

“O Arjun, I am that which makes water liquescent,
the radiance in the sun and the moon,
the sacred syllable OM,
the word’s echo (Shabd) in the ether,
and I am also the manliness in men.”

God is all these and all knowledge. He is also much more.

Lord Krishn adds:

“I am the fragrance in the earth,
the flame in fire, the Soul that animates all beings,
and the penance of ascetics.”

God pervades the whole universe, the earth, the fire, all creatures, and even the severe spiritual austerities that are practised by ascetics. He dwells in every atom.

“Since l am also the intellect in wise men
and the magnificence of men of glory,
know you, O Arjun, that I am the eternal fountainhead of all beings.”

God is the seed from which all creatures are born.

“I am, O the best of Bharat,
the selfless power of the strong and I, too, am the aspiration
for realization in all beings that is never hostile to God.”

God is the righteous aspiration of the mighty and also their strength which is free from all desire. Doesn’t everyone in the world wish to be strong? Some endeavour to achieve it through physical exercise and some through the amassing of nuclear weapons.

But Lord Krishn affirms that he is the strength that is beyond all desire and attachment. This is true strength. He is also in all beings the aspiration that is propitious for dharm. God alone is the real dharm. The immortal Soul that holds all within himself is dharm. And God is also that craving which is not inimical to dharm.

Sri Krishn had prompted Arjun earlier to aspire to the realization of God. All desires are forbidden, but yearning for the attainment of God is essential because we cannot be inclined to worship in its absence. This hunger for God is also a gift from Lord Krishn.

Lord Krishn sings:

“And know that although all the properties of nature
(tamas, rajas and sattwa) have arisen from me,
they neither dwell in me nor do I dwell in them.”

All the properties of nature, ignorance, passion and virtue, are born from God. Yet, however, he is not in them and they are not in him; he is not absorbed in them and they cannot enter into him because he is unattached to and unsullied by them. He has to gain nothing from nature or its properties, and so they cannot taint him.

Despite this, however, as the body’s hunger and thirst are caused by the Soul and yet the Soul is wholly unconcerned with food and water, even so although nature arises from God, he is untouched by its properties and activities.

“Since the whole world is deluded by feelings
resulting from the operation of the three properties,
it is unaware of my imperishable essence that is beyond them.”

Blinded by feelings associated with the operation of tamas, rajas and sattwa, men fail to perceive the indestructible and the one reality that is God-quite beyond the properties of nature. So He cannot be known if there is even the slightest trace of these properties. So long as these properties envelop the worshiper’s mind, his journey is incomplete. He has still to go along; he is still on the way.

Lord Krishn adds:

“This divine three-propertied yog-maya of mine is most difficult
to overcome, but they who seek refuge in me
get over the illusion and achieve salvation.”

God’s celestial maya, the power from which the empirical universe is evolved, is most difficult to comprehend, but they who are always engaged in the worship of God navigate safely across it. This maya is called divine. It should never be forgotten that it is something that we have to vanquish and get across.

“The ignorant and unwise are the most despicable of men
and doers of wickedness, because deluded by maya
and having demoniacal qualities they do not worship me.”

They who contemplate and adore God know this. And yet there are many others who do not worship. Men with evil propensities whose discrimination has been ravished by maya, the meanest amongst mankind who are immersed in lust and anger, do not worship God.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

Humble Wishes.

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