“Bhagavad Gita” in it’s true metaphysical perspective: Chapter Two – Expositions of Verses “Six to Ten” summed up!!!

2.6 -“I hardly know which is better, their (the Kaurav’s) conquering us or our conquering them – even Dhritrashtr ’s sons -who are our enemies, and yet after killing whom we may not wish to live.”

Even possession of the hoped-for delights is not assured. Arjun is at his wit’s end as to what course of action can bring him glory, for whatever he has said till now has been proved to be only ignorance. He does not also know whether he will rout the Kaurav or they will rout him. Dhritrashtr’s sons, after slaying whom he should not desire to live, are arrayed against him.

What shall he live for if his feelings of attachment represented here by his kinsmen, all of them progeny of Dhritrashtr’s ignorance, are destroyed ? At the same time, however, it occurs to Arjun that what he has said now may be also false. 

2.7 -“With my mind swamped with feeble pity and confusion regarding duty, I entreat you to instruct me as to what is definitely conducive to my glory, for I am your disciple and have taken refuge in you.”

With his heart enfeebled by pity and his mind clouded with infatuation in regard to dharm, Arjun begs Sri Krishn to tell him the means that will definitely be the most conducive to what is supremely propitious for him. But why should Sri Krishn do this?

According to Arjun, it is Sri Krishn’s duty to show him the right path because he (Arjun) is a disciple who has found shelter under him.

Furthermore, he needs not only instruction but also support when he stumbles. He is like the man requesting a helper to place the load on his back, help him in securing it there, and also to come along with him, for who will put back the load in place again if it slips down. Such is Arjun’s abject submission to Sri Krishn. 

At this point Arjun’s surrender is complete. Until now he had thought himself an equal of Sri Krishn in merit and, in fact, even superior to him in certain skills. But now he really puts himself at the mercy of his charioteer.

An accomplished teacher dwells in his disciple’s heart and is always by his side until the goal is reached. If he is not there by his side, the pupil may falter in his quest. Like the guardians of a maiden who protect her till her marriage, an accomplished teacher acts as a charioteer who skilfully maneuvers his disciple’s Soul safely across the perilous valleys of nature. 

2.8 -“I do not see that obtaining an undisputed and profitable dominion over the whole earth or, (for that matter) even lordship over the gods, can cure the grief that is wearing out my senses.”

Arjun cannot believe that even a secure and lucrative realm extending across the whole earth or even an Indr-like lordship over the gods of heaven can help him get rid of the sorrow that is withering his senses. If his grief is unabated, what shall he do with all these acquisitions? He begs to be excused from fighting in the war if these are to be his only rewards in return. He is utterly disheartened and he does not know what to say after this. 

2.9 -Sanjay said,” After having thus spoken to Hrishikesh, Arjun, the conqueror of sleep and destroyer of foes, told Govind (Sri Krishn) that he would not fight, and then he fell silent.”

So far Arjun’s attitude has been determined by the Puran, which contain ordinances for ceremonial acts and sacrificial rites as well as the enjoyment of benefits arising from a due performance thereof. In these works, heaven is the ultimate goal: but Sri Krishn later enlightens Arjun that this line of thought is mistaken.

2.10 -“Hrishikesh then, O Bharat (Dhritrashtr), with a smile as it appeared, spoke thus to him (Arjun) who sat mournfully between the two armies.”

Sri Krishn, knower of secrets of the innermost heart (Hrishikesh), speaks smilingly to the grieving Arjun.

"Most revered Swami Adgadanand Paramhans"

“Most revered Swami Adgadanand Paramhans”

“Humble Wishes” 

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