“Bhagavad Gita” in it’s true metaphysical perspective: Chapter Five– Expositions of Verses “One To Five”….!!!

arjuna uvāca:
sannyāsam karmanām krsna punaryogam ca śansasi|
yacchreya etayorekam tanme brūhi suniścitam||5-1||

[5.1]:Arjun said,”You have so far commended, O Krishn, both the Way of knowledge through Renunciation and then the Way of Selfless Action; so now tell me which one of the two is decidedly more propitious.”

Sri Krishn has extolled action by the Way of Knowledge through Renunciation and then he has spoken approvingly of action done with a selfless attitude. So Arjun now wishes to be enlightened on the specific way which is in Sri Krishn’s well considered view more conducive to his well-being. If we are told two ways for going to a certain place, it is but proper to inquire which one of the two is more convenient. If we do not raise this question, the implication is that we do not have to go anywhere. Yogeshwar Krishn responds to Arjun’s submission thus:
sannyāsam karmayogaśca nihśreyasakarāvubhau
tayostu karmasannyāsātkarmayogo viśisyate||5-2||

[5.2]:The Lord said,”Both renunciation and selfless action achieve salvation, but of the two the Way of Selfless Action is the better because it is easier to practise.”

If both the ways are equally effective in bringing about the final absolution, why is the Way of Selfless Action described as superior? This is what Krishn has to say about it.
jñeyah sa nityasannyāsī yo na dvesti na kānksati
nirdvandvo hi mahābāho sukham bandhātpramucyate||5-3||

[5.3]:”He, O the mighty-armed (Arjun), who envies none and desires nothing is fit to be regarded as a true sanyasi and, liberated from the conflicts of passion and repugnance, he breaks away from worldly bondage.”

The one who is free alike from love and animosity is a sanyasi, a man of renunciation, irrespective of whether he has chosen Way of Knowledge or the Way of Selfless Action. Emancipated from both attachment and repugnance, he is happily released from the great fear of repeated births.
sānkhyayogau prthagbālāh pravadanti na panditāh
ekamapyāsthitah samyagubhayorvindate phalam||5-4||

[5.4]:”It is the ignorant rather than men of wisdom who make distinction between Way of Knowledge and the Way of Selfless Action, for he who dwells well in any one of the two attains to God.”

Only they who know but inadequately of spiritual life find the two ways divergent,because the final outcome of both is the same,namely attainment of God.
yat sānkhyaiḥ prāpyate sthānam
tad yogair api gamyate,
ekam sānkhyam ca yogam ca
yaḥ paśyati sa paśyati ||5.5||

[5.5]:”That man perceives reality who regards the Way of Knowledge and the Way of Selfless Action as identical, because the liberation attained by knowledge is also achieved by selfless action.”

The goal which is reached by the worshipper of knowledge and discrimination is also achieved by the doer of selfless action. So he knows the truth who regards the two ways as similar from the point of view of consequence. Now, when the two ways converge at the same point, why does Sri Krishn pronounce one preferable to the other? He explains in next verse.

Vandan Gurudev

 [As expounded by most revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans]

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