Adhyatm is knowledge of God’s dominance…!!!

Sri Krishna sings in Bhagavad Gita:

अध्यात्मज्ञाननित्यत्वं तत्त्वज्ञानार्थदर्शनम्।
एतज्ज्ञानमिति प्रोक्तमज्ञानं यदतोऽन्यथा॥

adhyātmajñānanityatvam tattvajñānārthadarśanam
etajjñānamiti proktamajñānam yadato’nyathā||13-11||

‘‘Constantly resting in the awareness that is called adhyatm and perception of the Supreme Spirit who is the end of realization of truth are all knowledge and whatever is contrary to them is ignorance.’’
Adhyatm is knowledge of God’s dominance. The awareness that is derived from a direct perception of the Supreme Spirit, the ultimate essence, is knowledge.Sri Krishn said in Chapter 4 that the man who tastes the manna of knowledge generated by the accomplishment of yagya becomes one with the eternal God.

Here, too, he says that apprehension of the reality that the Supreme Spirit is knowledge.Whatever is opposed towards it is ignorance. The aforesaid attributes such as an equanimous attitude to honour and dishonour complement this knowledge.

Humble Wishes!!!

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