“Knowledge” and “Ignorance” as preached in Bhagavad Gita..!!!

Sings Bhagavad Gita:

Absence of pride and arrogant conduct,
disinclination to do injury to anyone,
integrity of thought and speech,
devoted service to the enlightened master,
outward as well as inner purity,
moral firmness,
restraint of the body along with the mind and senses,
detachment from son, wife, home and the like,
freedom from infatuation,
bearing with both the pleasant and the unpleasant with equanimity,
unswerving devotion to God with a single-minded concern for yog,
fondness of living in sequestered places,
distaste for human society,
constantly resting in the awareness that is called adhyatm
and perception of the Supreme Spirit who is the end of realization
of truth
are all knowledge
whatever is contrary to them is ignorance.

[Revered Swami Adgadanandji Paramhans]

 As expounded by most revered Gurudev. 

Humble Wishes!!!

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Still like a newly borne baby, crying in lap of most revered Gurudev with closed eyes. I know nothing more than this "About Me". This given name "Mrityunjayanand" is HIS blessing. Each word being shared here is HIS grace, blessings, teachings where I stand simply as HIS mouthpiece and nothing is here on or of my own. My efforts to spread HIS divine and intuitive teachings are HIS instructions and my humble services in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev. Humble Wishes!!!
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