Is It The Cessation Of The Properties That Is So Important Or Is It The Cessation Of Attachment To The Properties Of Nature That Is Most Important…..???

The cessation of properties is so important
because as per teachings of Bhagavad Gita,
the three nature-born properties (sattwa, rajas, and tamas),
bind the imperishable Self to the body.

Of the three properties,
the purifying and enlightening sattwa binds one
to the desire for joy and knowledge.

The virtuous property binds the Self to the body
with attachment
to joy and knowledge.
So sattwa, too, is a bondage.

As we know,
happiness lies in God,
the intuitive perception of that Supreme Spirit is knowledge.
The man who is endowed
with the property of sattwa is bound only
so long as he does not apprehend God.

The property of rajas,
born from desire and infatuation,
binds the Self with attachment to action and its fruits.
Rajas, an embodiment of passion, inclines one to action.

The property of tamas, which deludes all beings,
arises from ignorance and binds the Soul
carelessness, sloth, and slumber.

Tamas binds the Self
laziness, the tendency to put off a task to the next day,
with sleep.
“Sleep” here does not mean that a man possessed of tamas
sleeps too much.
It is not a question of the body sleeping at all.

As Sri Krishn said in the sixty-ninth verse of Chapter 2,
the world itself with its ephemeral pleasures is like night
in which the man endowed with the property of tamas
ever toils in a state of unconsciousness
the effulgent God.
This is the slumber of tamas
one who is trapped in it sleeps.

Lord Krishn teaches in Bhagavad Gita:

“And, O Bharat,
just as sattwa grows by overcoming properties of rajas and tamas,
tamas grows by overpowering rajas and sattwa,
property of rajas grows by suppressing tamas and sattwa.”

But how should we know
property is dominant at a certain time?

HE adds:

‘‘When the mind and senses are suffused
light of knowledge and consciousness,
it should be taken as a sign of the growing strength of sattwa.’’


“When the property of rajas is ascendant,
O the best of Bharat,
greed, worldly inclination,
tendency to undertake action , restlessness,
desire for sensual pleasures arise.’’


“When there is an upsurge of tamas,
O Kurunandan,
darkness,disinclination to duty which ought to be done, carelessness,
tendencies that engender infatuation arise.’’

As tamas multiplies, there ensue the haze of ignorance
(light is a symbol of God),
a natural reluctance to advance towards
the divine radiance, disinclination to the special ordained action,
futile efforts of the mind and heart,
propensities which tempt one to the world.

Bow down in lotus feet of revered Gurudev 
for such learnings to me.

Om 59

Humble Wishes!

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